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At Ridgway Law Group, P.S., our team provides legal and other professional services to individuals, families, and attorneys in matters that range from mediation to complex estate litigation and fiduciary services. Sheila Ridgway is our principal attorney whose concentration in these core areas is significant, and our team is known throughout the region as a firm that works swiftly, dynamically, and effectively to find a pragmatic resolution to even the most difficult of our clients' legal problems.

With 28+ years of experience, Sheila Ridgway is prepared to take on the most challenging cases; her dedicated staff works to make your case as easy as possible.

Our Law Firm Focuses Primarily on These Areas:

  • Mediation: Our strong skill and experience in fostering pragmatic solutions for contentious estate, trust litigation and other litigation through effective negotiation are valuable qualities that we bring to our Washington mediation services.

  • Litigation: Whether you are concerned that a loved one now deceased was unduly influenced and you now seek to contest the will; you disagree with the disbursement of a an estate; or you seek to make a breach of fiduciary claim against a trustee, we can help. We handle estate litigation, will contests, trust litigation, claims against fiduciaries, TEDRA matters, and mediation.

  • Fiduciary Services: Sheila Ridgway has significant experience being appointed a personal representative/executor and trustee. She can also serve as a special master in legal matters.

  • Elder Law: We can represent the interests of vulnerable adults who may not be incapacitated to the point of requiring guardianship but who may need protection against physical, emotional or financial abuse, or exploitation from a loved one, neighbor or financial advisor. We also represent clients seeking to obtain or to prevent guardianship of an incapacitated person.

  • Estate Administration: We know the legal and procedural issues involving estate administration and can carefully, thoroughly, and attentively guide clients through the process.

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