Mediation: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Handle Your Disputes Outside of Court

Does your client have a probate dispute that needs to be resolved? Probate litigation can get complicated and can become a drawn out process when you take your matters to court. Have you considered handling the dispute outside the courtroom? At Ridgway Law Group, P.S. we implement Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) tactics including mediation. As mediators, we open up and improve the possibility of dialogue between the two parties and we help them come to an agreement. Our lead attorney Sheila Ridgway can act as a third-party mediator and help you and your client negotiate a mutually desirable outcome with the other party. The process is of course private and confidential and we will help facilitate rather than direct the process so the situation is kept under control and the ebb and flow of negotiation is constant.

Mediation is a viable alternative, rather than going to trial, and matters can be resolved in an efficient and timely matter. In the long run, mediation cuts back on costs and saves you time so you can take on more cases. This form of dispute resolution is promoted and encouraged by the Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act (TEDRA) as a first choice before going straight to trial litigation. Principal attorney, Ms. Ridgway, would not act as another attorney but simply as neutral facilitator that encourages both parties to reach a mutually agreeable decision for the situation at hand. When mutuality is reached, both parties will feel satisfied with the outcome instead of having a judge rule and decide on their behalf. Our firm mediates matters of probate, estate and elder law. We are trained to handle even the most difficult situations and we have reached many successful verdicts and resolutions for attorneys and their clients by using TEDRA mediation. We can do the same for you. If you have a dispute involving assets, multi-property estates, wills or trusts, contact our Seattle office today!