Seattle Estate Litigation

Trial Attorney Focused on Estate Litigation

At Ridgway Law Group, P.S., our practice is concentrated on the resolution of disputes involving wills, intestate estates (when the individual has died without leaving a will) and other probate matters. From our office in downtown Seattle, we represent heirs, beneficiaries, personal representatives and others in estate disputes throughout the Puget Sound region. Estate litigation refers to the range of conflicts that can arise when people disagree about their rights in a deceased person's property, or in the deceased person's estate. Examples of the kinds of cases we handle include:

  • Disputes as to the validity of a will
  • Disputes about the terms of a will
  • Disputes concerning the competence of the person who made the will
  • Intestate succession disputes when there is no will
  • Disagreements concerning the status of a person as an heir or beneficiary
  • Claims of inheritance of a surviving spouse or child who is not provided for in a will
  • Questions as to the correct ownership of an asset that was transferred before death
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims against an executor or administrator of the estate
  • Third-party claims against estates, such as claims by creditors

TEDRA and Estate Litigation in Seattle, WA

Since the year 2000, Washington will contests and other probate disputes have been governed by the provisions of TEDRA—The Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act. Unlike other types of civil litigation, this statute puts estate litigation on an expedited path toward resolution. Because our lawyers work with TEDRA every day, we know how to help you take advantage of its provisions, including alternative dispute resolution options such as mediation. Learn how our focus on estate litigation can help make the decisive difference in your situation.

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