Seattle Estate Administration Lawyer

Guiding You Through the Estate Administration Process

At Ridgway Law Group, P.S., our legal team is familiar with the functions and responsibilities of personal representatives who have been charged with the administration of a decedent's estate. We are therefore able to advise executors and administrators throughout every stage of the estate administration process.

When a person dies, the probate process governs the transfer of his or her assets to heirs or beneficiaries. Probate provides a system for the assembly and inventory of property which is part of the decedent's estate, the identification of heirs and beneficiaries, the notification of creditors and the eventual distribution of assets.

During the probate process, any valid debts and taxes are paid, and any disputes between competing interests are resolved. Estates may be subjected to probate whether or not the decedent left a last will and testament.

If you are a personal representative who anticipates conflicts over the terms of a will or the distribution of assets, it can be helpful to work with an attorney who can assist you in handling the dispute resolution aspects of the estate as well as the probate and administrative duties.

Why Hire an Estate Administration Attorney?

The probate process in Washington is neither especially complex nor expensive, but it helps to work with a lawyer who can advise you of your duties and guide you away from making common mistakes. At Ridgway Law Group, P.S., we work closely with executors and administrators in an effort to help the probate process move forward as smoothly as possible.

Our extensive probate litigation experience can also protect you and the estate when disagreements arise concerning the terms of the will, the ownership of a particular asset, or a creditor's claim.

To learn more about the scope of our estate administration practice and our approach to client service, contact us at Ridgway Law Group, P.S. in Seattle.